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Lab Testing

At home lab tests for you and your pets. Saliva, Blood and even Hair Strands can provide vital information to keep you healthy.

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Online Doctors

No waiting rooms, no copays. Get treated online
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Custom treatments & Obagi Rx
for all conditions.

Women's Sex

Universal yet so personal. What you need & what you want.

Men's Sex

Elevate your passion & wellness with proven & exclusive products.

Hormones / Low-T

Affordable hormone balancing treatments for women & men.


Hold on to your vitality with peptides & human growth hormone boosters.


Proven & unique solutions for women and men.


Select Hemp products that exceed testing rules.

Lab Testing

Identify Lyme Disease, low vitamins and other threats to you and your pet.

Weight Loss

Reach your goals with holistic & personalized programs.


Beat pain with compounded
non-addictive Rx medications.

Hair Loss

Our custom-tailored treatments go above and beyond age & genetics.


Preventive and healing treatments as unique as your pet.

Doing Our Part To Make Health Care Convenient And Affordable

We Guarantee The Lowest Prices Online!

We Guarantee The Lowest Prices Online!

Our Medical Directors

Dedicated To Bringing Speciality Care
Into Your Home

NP Tod Work NP

Pain Management

Nurse Practitioner Tod Work leads our pain management program that includes non-addictive medicine and personalized treatments.

Dr. David Young

Active Aging And Peptides

Under Dr. Young’s direction, our Active Aging and Peptide program optimizes your physical, social and mental well-being now and moving forward.

Dr. Emily Devol

Preventive Medicine

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Led by Dr. Devol, a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, our proactive health program touches every part of your life.

Charlene E.
 Great experience and results!
Verified Purchase
I have tried two different programs with physicians that cost me over $400 a month. Your product works better than theirs and is much less expensive! I also like that I don’t have to drive anywhere anymore to get treated. Thank you for the concierge HRT service! Mint Really bent over backwards to accomodate my needs.

William Irizarry
 The staff is really good in taking care…
Verified Purchase
The staff is really good in taking care of your order a long with any health concerns

 So far so great!!
Verified Purchase
I have recently placed an order and have not started it yet, but when dealing with customer service, they are great!! Super helpful and friendly.

 4 star service....thumbs up
Verified Purchase
very fast shipping and ease of ordering. would have given 5 stars but i ordered the same product twice and received two different items of the same generic name.

Judi Cole
 Got what I ordered at a fair price
Verified Purchase
Got what I ordered at a fair price. Delivery was on time. Ordering was straight forward no problem.


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