1. Premature Ejaculation Causes And Treatments

    Premature Ejaculation Causes And Treatments

    An acceptable length of time for a man to orgasm is subjective and between him and his partner. But if it seems too fast and it's causing distress, it could be premature ejaculation (PE). Learn what defines PE, causes and treatments.

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  2. COVID-19 Long-Haul Recovery

    Anatomy exploded view.Separate elements muscle,bone,organs,nervous,lymphatic,vascular.

    Long-lasting and potentially chronic symptoms affecting survivors of even the most mild of COVID-19 cases raises new questions and poses new threats. The emergence of the possible long-hauler - ME/CFS connection may provide useful tips on treatment. Additionally, long-haulers are finding support amongst each other.

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  3. Self-Care vs Self-Medication

    Self-Care vs Self-Medication

    Learn how at-home lab tests can help you improve your self-care routine and not cross the line into self-medication.

    Self-care means taking an active role in your health through conscious, informed choices to improve your overall well-being.

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  4. Hydroquinone FAQs|Get Clear

    Hydroquinone FAQs|Get Clear

    Despite close to 40 years of the successful and safe use of hydroquinone, concerns remain over its safety. There's been a bit of a tug-of-war over its use in the US. Learn how hydroquinone can restore your skin's natural color and the origin and FACTS behind its controversy. Don't miss out! Find out if HQ is right for you!

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  5. What Is Thyroid Disease?

    Thyroid Illustration

    Up to 20 million Americans have a form of thyroid disease, but less than 50% are aware of it. Thyroid illness gives plenty of warnings but they can be mistaken for other issues, especially low estrogen or testosterone. Learn about this important endocrine gland and get started on your path to better health!

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  6. Thyroid Function Tests Explainer

    Results of Thyroid Test

    Thyroid tests evaluate the health and function of the thyroid. They use either blood, urine or both to measure thyroid hormone levels, help identify antibodies, nodules, cancer or inflammation. Gain a better understanding of how the test works, what results mean and if you might have thyroid dysfunction.

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  7. Your Power To Fight COVID-19

    Your Power To Fight COVID-19

    COVID-19 cases are on the rise after the country had managed to Flatten the Curve. It's time to revisit what we did then and what we can do now. Coronavirus: How you can Think Globally & Act Locally to help stop the spread.

    Updated July 9, 2020.

    Originally published March 23, 2020.

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  8. FAQs: Tretinoin, Retin A and Retinol

    FAQs: Tretinoin, Retin A and Retinol

    You've heard of Retin A and retinol but you're not sure what's the difference. Why is Retin A prescription-only while retinol is sold over the counter and often mixed with other ingredients in skin care formulas? Why does Obagi sell various strengths of tretinoin? And another thing, why is Retin A also called tretinoin? You've come to the right place to get all of your questions answered.

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  9. CBD-Hemp FAQs

    Sunset Image rendering

    Are you still trying to figure out the difference between full-spectrum hemp and CBD isolate? How about why prices for seemingly similar products are all over the map. Also, is a cream, oil or gel cap better for you? Get the facts to help you purchase what's right for you.

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  10. COVID-19 Updates: Returning to "Normal," New Insight & Interactive Resources

    two men wearing respirators bump elbows to say hello

    COVID-19 Updates: New treatments, vaccine hopes and clues into blood serum changes caused by the virus may help steer medical attention to patients most likely to suffer severe infections. Meanwhile, you're trying to get out and about. What you need to know.

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