1. COVID-19 Vaccine Choices: Fast Facts

    blocks with drawings of vaccines and people in them
    With two COVID-19 vaccines already out, discussion has shifted from "what" and "when" to "will" and "which" ... as in, "Will you take it?" and "Which one will you get?" If you take the vaccine may be up to you but whether you get to choose could depend on where you live, your age, and other complex logistics.
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  2. COVID-19 Vaccines Explained

    concept image DNA research
    Two vaccines in use are the first of their kind. All but one of the others next in line also use novel technology. The science involves DNA, RNA, nanoparticles and others viruses to enter into cells. What does 2021 have in store?
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  3. What Skin Toner Does And Why You Should Care

    woman looking in mirror applying skin treatment
    Skin toner is multifunctional. It's most prized for balancing skin pH and keeping the acid mantle healthy. Studies prove those benefits alone offer a strong defense against chronic skin conditions and visible signs of aging. It can also make or break the effectiveness of other products in your skin treatment.
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