1. How To Give Yourself A Shot

    female giving herself a shot in the belly

    Giving yourself an injection is not as hard or intimidating as it may seem. But it does need to be done correctly. You want to prevent bruising, deliver the medication to the right place and avoid infection. Here's a step by step guide how to give yourself a subcutaneous injection.

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  2. How To Tame Winter Skin


    Winter is not just harsh on the skin, it can cause lasting damage if not given special care. January and February are the most frigid months of the year in the northern hemisphere so you could probably use some help.

    You've come to the right place!

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  3. Ways To Predict And Delay Menopause

    Intergenerational mother, daughter photo

    Odds that you will reach menopause about the same time your mother did may be as high as 85%. The reason why hasn't been exactly pinpointed but hormones and genes are major factors. There's also strong evidence that later menopause is linked to longevity.

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