1. Hemp In The Opioid Crisis

    Hemp Tincture
    It’s important to focus on the things we can control rather than what we cannot. When it comes to health and wellness, there are many things we at least can have some control over. What does that look like for you?
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  2. Chemical Attraction: The Science of Love

    Couple Chemical Attraction
    Love is in the brain of the beholder. Literally. It’s measurable in brain chemical levels and visible on imaging technology. Knowing where love is brings scientists closer to understanding what it is. Discoveries are helping develop treatments for sexual dysfunction, mental illness and addiction.
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  3. How to Choose the Right At-Home Lab Test: Comparing Sample Types

    lab test facility

    Dried blood spot (DBS) testing is the game-changer that clinicians and researchers had hoped it would be when it was first introduced in 1913. It has expanded disease prevention and control efforts worldwide and more recently into your home.

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