1. Get Outside And Play!

    Family Recreation
    Recreational activities can improve the health and well-being of most everyone, play is a powerful thing! When you're playing in the sun, it's important not to forget UV protection.
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  2. Hemp In The Opioid Crisis

    Hemp Tincture
    It’s important to focus on the things we can control rather than what we cannot. When it comes to health and wellness, there are many things we at least can have some control over. What does that look like for you?
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  3. Chemical Attraction: The Science of Love

    Couple Chemical Attraction
    Love is in the brain of the beholder. Literally. It’s measurable in brain chemical levels and visible on imaging technology. Knowing where love is brings scientists closer to understanding what it is. Discoveries are helping develop treatments for sexual dysfunction, mental illness and addiction.
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  4. How to Choose the Right At-Home Lab Test: Comparing Sample Types

    lab test facility

    Dried blood spot (DBS) testing is the game-changer that clinicians and researchers had hoped it would be when it was first introduced in 1913. It has expanded disease prevention and control efforts worldwide and more recently into your home.

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  5. How To Give Yourself A Shot

    female giving herself a shot in the belly

    Giving yourself an injection is not as hard or intimidating as it may seem. But it does need to be done correctly. You want to prevent bruising, deliver the medication to the right place and avoid infection. Here's a step by step guide how to give yourself a subcutaneous injection.

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  6. Ways To Predict And Delay Menopause

    Intergenerational mother, daughter photo

    Odds that you will reach menopause about the same time your mother did may be as high as 85%. The reason why hasn't been exactly pinpointed but hormones and genes are major factors. There's also strong evidence that later menopause is linked to longevity.

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  7. COVID-19 Vaccine Choices: Fast Facts

    blocks with drawings of vaccines and people in them
    With two COVID-19 vaccines already out, discussion has shifted from "what" and "when" to "will" and "which" ... as in, "Will you take it?" and "Which one will you get?" If you take the vaccine may be up to you but whether you get to choose could depend on where you live, your age, and other complex logistics.
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  8. COVID-19 Vaccines Explained

    concept image DNA research
    Two vaccines in use are the first of their kind. All but one of the others next in line also use novel technology. The science involves DNA, RNA, nanoparticles and others viruses to enter into cells. What does 2021 have in store?
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  9. Menopause Options For Breast Cancer Survivors - HRT And More

    photo of women holding sign - breast cancer awareness theme

    Women want to know if HRT causes breast cancer. New studies show menopause relief—hormonal and non-hormonal—is possible for all women, including survivors. Reclaim your libido, relieve vaginal dryness and lift brain fog.

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  10. 3 Products You Won't Believe Are FSA/HSA Eligible

    Male and female happy showing cash
    Enjoy it when your skin is glowing and your libido is thriving? How about when your mind and body are balanced? OK, questions with obvious answers. What you may not know is that being your healthiest self can bring huge tax breaks.
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