10 Reasons Why J.Lo Still Looks So Good At 49!

Updated January 2019

Everyone wants to know how Jennifer does it. She looks like she hasn’t aged a day since she first came on the scene in the 90's. There’s no denying she looks amazing AND she’s almost the big 5-0 What’s her secret?
Well, here are some tips to stay looking young like J-Lo.

Get plenty of sleep

At least 7-9 hours! Lower stress! Meditate to help keep those stress wrinkles away!


Healthy diet

Eat a well balanced whole food diet free of processed and artificial substances.


Stay hydrated

Drink 8 ounces of fluid daily to keep skin looking fresh and plump. 



Regular physical activity slows aging at a cellular level.


Great skin care regimen

Start using a skin care regimen for anti-aging, it should include a retinol, lactic or glycolic acid.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

A great moisturizer works wonders on giving your skin that youthful glow from within.


Wear sunscreen

Avoid excessive sun exposure between 10am and 3pm when the sun’s damaging rays are the strongest.


Daily vitamins

Start taking multivitamins, especially E and C which are shown to be effective in the battle against aging skin.


Wear sunglasses

Constant squinting can cause wrinkles around the eye area to occur.

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