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7 Top Health and Beauty Picks For Mother's Day

Save yourself (and your mom) from buying a last-minute gift or, even worse, something she already has. 

Follow these tips to zero-in on the perfect gift.

First, let’s start with some intel: 

Where does your mom fit on the generational timeline?

  • Baby Boomer: She’s between 55-75 years old and was born between 1944 and 1964.
  • Gen X, She’s 40-54 years and was born between 1965 and 1979.
  • Millennial (AKA Gen Y): She’s 25-39 years old and was born between 1980 and 1994.

Skincare That Fits Mom At Any Age

If your mom has remained “30” for the past 10 years or is famous for her pristine complexion, show her that you’ve noticed. Give her something that’s worthy of her skincare expertise.

Obagi Nu-Derm Rx System

Anti-aging Rx skincare by Obagi will score high. Obagi’s Nu-Derm Rx System with 4% hydroquinone and the Obagi-C Rx Series with prescription Vitamin C and 4% hydroquinone have a huge following for good reasons. Both Obagi’s Nu-Derm Rx and Obagi-C Rx are available as 5-step systems or you can buy the top sellers, Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Rx and Obagi Nu-Derm Blender Rx, separately.

Impress her with your knowledge of skincare: Vitamin C, as L-ascorbic acid, is a proven skin brightener and powerful antioxidant. Hydroquinone 4% bleaches the skin and is arguably the #1 product for fading skin discoloration from hormonal imbalance, sun damage or acne scars.   

Out With The Old In With The New

Help her put her best face forward with skincare that accelerates the growth of new skin cells. Prescription tretinoin is the best choice for that. Tretinoin is absorbed into the skin within 10 minutes of application and gets to work immediately.  It's medically proven to reduce fine lines, clear up acne and generate glowing, new skin.  

“Smooth things over” with Obagi KeraPhine Body Smoothing Lotion, available without a prescription. Obagi KeraPhine is scientifically formulated to smooth out rough spots caused by Keratosis Pilaris (KP). Keratosis is also called chicken skin, but don’t tell her that. KeraPhine exfoliator is for any skin type. It’s the best way to give arms and legs a peel. Just in time for summer!

Don’t forget sun protection. Sunglasses and a beach hat make a stylish pair. Adding in a bottle or two of sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 is thoughtful and smart.

Sports fan moms deserve gifts with their team logo. Spend some time online or at the stadium and pick up outerwear with her team’s logo.

Hemp For Mother’s Day

Preserve the tradition of flowers for Mother’s Day with the gift of hemp. Hemp is the flower of this decade and many more to come. 

According to the Forbes article “Never Mind Flowers, Marijuana Might Be 2019's Hot Mother’s Day Gift” hemp product sales rose the weekend before Mother’s Day in 2018. Expect even higher sales this year. 

Choose hemp salves hemp oil and hemp creams combine them all and create a healthy hemp gift basket.  

Hemp is grabbing the stage as millions of people in the US are using it to relieve pain, improve sleep, relax, boost brain function, and more. Hemp is not just for people either. If your dog or cat has brought little ones into the world, they’ll probably enjoy a bottle of hemp for pets as a Mother’s Day gift.

CBD-Melatonin Sleep Tabs

Baby Boomer Moms Are No Strangers To Hemp

You’re sure that a Gen X or Millennial outdoorsy, nature-loving mom will be open to hemp, but don’t underestimate the “less hip” Baby Boomer mom. Here’s why: 

Hemp-CBD was used in Traditional Medical Systems (TMS) thousands of years ago. Those traditions remained strong in the “old world” up to a century ago and were brought to the US mainly through the largest immigration boom in the US. From 1892 to 1954, 12 million people immigrated to the US. 

If your mother or grandmother weren’t part of that new population, they would have been influenced by these traditions that suddenly arrived in the US. Curious? Ask your mother what a hemlock poultice treats or to name her favorite ginger-based remedies. We bet they’ll include ingredients entirely new to you.

Relief From Aches And Pains Of Busy Lives

Your mom is resilient but she gets tired and even achy sometimes, although she won’t freely admit it.

Set her free with fré, Rx pain cream. You’ll be surprised how relieved she is not having to constantly keep a brave face.

fre Pain Cream

Any mom with sports injuries, lower back pain, arthritis or fibromyalgia, will be happy to explore the option of fré. fré is available in 3 personalized formulas and the prescription package includes custom-based pain management. Let her know that fré is non-addictive and opioid-free. Another plus: since fré is applied to the skin, it is absorbed quickly to provide fast, targeted relief. Topical delivery also bypasses the digestive system reducing the chance of digestive discomfort or impact to other parts of the body.

Help Her Stay Healthy

Yoga, keto and vegetarian diets have gone mainstream with veganism and paleo diets catching up. 60 is the new 50; 50 is the new 40 and so on. 

The Baby Boomer generation is getting serious about healthy diets, fitness, and exercise. Encourage her further on what she has just started or introduce her to the newest diets and health trends. Cookbooks, a package of classes to a new yoga studio and sessions with a personal trainer are all healthy and fun gifts. 

Gen X mothers: After 10+ years, they’re still in the thick of things. They’ve had once-in-a-lifetime moments and early evening crashes on the couch. These moms are still working a full-time job, keeping the house together and juggling teen or adult children. Some have grandkids. SHE can never get enough R&R.

Although a packed, fast-paced schedule is still new to most Millennial moms, it’s not any easier.

All moms deserve pampering but a gift that allows a Gen X or Millennial mother to self-indulge is always in high-demand. Aromatherapy gifts never go out of style neither do spa gift certificates.

Cater To Her Taste

How about some art for her office or her personal space. We hope she has personal space. Look for one-of-a-kind artisan-made crafts to symbolize her uniqueness. These types of gifts are good choices for laid back, hands-on, earthy moms.

For the mother who enjoys some chic, seek out an art gallery walk or exhibit. It’s OK if the event is in the near future. You can give her a card and an invitation to the event. Doing the research and setting a date is special in itself.

We hope this got you thinking not only about what to buy for Mother’s Day but also about her life and all of the details that make her YOUR mom.     

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treasure the past and stay psyched for the future. Celebrate Mom!

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