Super Bowl LIV Health Inspirations

Watching those NFL pros tear their bodies to shreds can inspire better health habits, even while you go heavy on the snacks and enjoy a few brews. It's all how you look at it.

While you're enjoying the 2020 Super Bowl, ask yourself why you look up to your heroes (besides their huge salaries and other perks).

You probably admire their stamina, incredible focus, sports intuition, courage, and physical prowess. You may consider them gifted. Maybe they were born with it or maybe they developed it over time. 

Either way, those abilities are not out of reach. Sure, everyone is different. Individual achievements are personal but setting goals and reaching them is possible, especially when you have access to:

      • Support and medical expertise.
      • Educational resources guiding you through your life-long health journey.
      • Some of the latest advancements in medical treatments.
      • Personalized medicine through the ease of online consultations and prescriptions.
      • Tools to help you optimize your wellness.

Develop Discipline. Strengthen Your Mind.

This requires obeying your body's limitations at any given moment and following your gut instinct. Gut instinct may be viewed as risky, but well-developed intuition is not a knee-jerk reaction. Courage and perseverance will help you ask yourself tough questions so that you can discover winning answers. This develops trust in yourself. Habitual trust turns into intuition. 

The Entrepreneur magazine article 10 Powerful Ways to Master Self-Discipline offers practical guidance.

Tips For Long-Term Health: Buddy Up

Countless studies show the benefits of working out in a group setting, as in team sports, exercising with friends, and taking group fitness classes. One of the way it works is the idea that you don't want to "finish last. It's a pretty clear cut way to set initial goals.

A sports psychology study comparing efforts of individual players when playing with their team showed the players in most need of improvement upped their game when practicing with their teammates. It's called the Kohler Effect. 1  A University of Michigan Study found that participants who exercised with a partner they viewed as more fit worked out longer and harder.

There's also the benefit of improved safety and overall higher quality workouts. Not having a routine can create a rush job and an irregular schedule. Listen to the messages your body is sending you. Are you taking on too much? Are you exercising properly, warming up and stretching?

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Respect Authority (Your Body)

Let you body recover between workouts. This is a great "excuse" to take a day off. You must recover! Ask your physician if there are treatments to enhance your recovery. 

Increase your knowledge about your health. See your physician regularly, do your own research on nutrition and healthy lifestyle regimens. Take advantage of modern science to monitor your health.

Understand the connection between physical and mental health. When your body is strong, your mind feels strong. When you're not worried about your cholesterol or glucose levels because they're already in check, your mind is free to relax.

Also, don't let hormone imbalance throw you off your game. Low Testosterone and unstable hormone levels can cause you to lose focus, rob you of your libido and lead to serious health conditions.

A relaxed mind can flourish. You become more capable of success. When you succeed, you develop more faith in yourself and your abilities. It's cumulative and rewarding.

You don't need the Vince Lombardi trophy to feel like a champion!


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