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  1. What Skin Toner Does And Why You Should Care

    woman looking in mirror applying skin treatment
    Skin toner is multifunctional. It's most prized for balancing skin pH and keeping the acid mantle healthy. Studies prove those benefits alone offer a strong defense against chronic skin conditions and visible signs of aging. It can also make or break the effectiveness of other products in your skin treatment.
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  2. Picking The Best Skin Care For Your Skin Type

    woman applying skin cream
    Knowing your true skin type is critical for picking the best skin care regimen for you. It may surprise you that most people don’t know their skin type and are using the wrong skin care products. This can exacerbate current skin issues as you’re not addressing the real problem. The four most common skin types are dry, oily, sensitive and combination.
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  3. The Science Behind Your Skin: How To Balance Your Skin pH

    skin pH testing strip
    Most of us strive for balance in our lives. We seek a balanced diet, work-life balance and a healthy bank account balance. One thing we often overlook is balance when it comes to our skin care. Specifically, we need skin care products and treatments that are pH balanced to maintain the health and normal function of our skin.
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