Hemp Tincture
Hemp In The Opioid Crisis
It’s important to focus on the things we can control rather than what we cannot. When it comes to health and wellness, there are many things we at least can have some control over. What does that look like for you?
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Couple Chemical Attraction
Chemical Attraction: The Science of Love
Love is in the brain of the beholder. Literally. It’s measurable in brain chemical levels and visible on imaging technology. Knowing where love is brings scientists closer to understanding what it is. Discoveries are helping develop treatments for sexual dysfunction, mental illness and addiction.
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lab test facility
How to Choose the Right At-Home Lab Test: Comparing Sample Types

Dried blood spot (DBS) testing is the game-changer that clinicians and researchers had hoped it would be when it was first introduced in 1913. It has expanded disease prevention and control efforts worldwide and more recently into your home.

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female giving herself a shot in the belly
How To Give Yourself A Shot

Giving yourself an injection is not as hard or intimidating as it may seem. But it does need to be done correctly. You want to prevent bruising, deliver the medication to the right place and avoid infection. Here's a step by step guide how to give yourself a subcutaneous injection.

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Intergenerational mother, daughter photo
Ways To Predict And Delay Menopause

Odds that you will reach menopause about the same time your mother did may be as high as 85%. The reason why hasn't been exactly pinpointed but hormones and genes are major factors. There's also strong evidence that later menopause is linked to longevity.

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Man in his 30s looking down at very large clock
Live Longer, Better. How Men Can Do It.
Why do men have shorter lifespans than women? Science says women’s additional x chromosome gives them an edge. And estrogen, naturally higher in women, protects the heart. "What can I do about that?" you ask. "I can’t change my genes and estrogen therapy isn't in the cards." You’re exactly right. But there are some simple things you can do.
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photo of women holding sign - breast cancer awareness theme
Menopause Options For Breast Cancer Survivors - HRT And More

Women want to know if HRT causes breast cancer. New studies show menopause relief—hormonal and non-hormonal—is possible for all women, including survivors. Reclaim your libido, relieve vaginal dryness and lift brain fog.

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Male and female happy showing cash
3 Products You Won't Believe Are FSA/HSA Eligible
Enjoy it when your skin is glowing and your libido is thriving? How about when your mind and body are balanced? OK, questions with obvious answers. What you may not know is that being your healthiest self can bring huge tax breaks.
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clock with words well-being written over it
Self-Care vs Self-Medication

Learn how at-home lab tests can help you improve your self-care routine and not cross the line into self-medication.

Self-care means taking an active role in your health through conscious, informed choices to improve your overall well-being.

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Thyroid Illustration
What Is Thyroid Disease?

Up to 20 million Americans have a form of thyroid disease, but less than 50% are aware of it. Thyroid illness gives plenty of warnings but they can be mistaken for other issues, especially low estrogen or testosterone. Learn about this important endocrine gland and get started on your path to better health!

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Results of Thyroid Test
Thyroid Function Tests Explainer

Thyroid tests evaluate the health and function of the thyroid. They use either blood, urine or both to measure thyroid hormone levels, help identify antibodies, nodules, cancer or inflammation. Gain a better understanding of how the test works, what results mean and if you might have thyroid dysfunction.

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Signs of Vitamin Deficiencies, Hormone Imbalances & Food Intolerances
Signs of Vitamin Deficiencies, Hormone Imbalances & Food Intolerances

When your body's homeostasis is disrupted, symptoms can make you feel out of sorts. Brain fog, fatigue, moodiness, low libido, dry skin, thinning hair are common signs. It's not just your quality of life that suffers. Your heart, bones, lungs, digestive system and immunity could be at risk. It's not a game but it's definitely puzzling. Take steps to solve current or possible health issues with at-home lab tests.

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Letter Blocks Spelling Hormones
What Is Hormonal Imbalance?
Are you considering HRT because you recognize the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and want to feel better? Find out if you're ready for the next step.
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Birth Control And Your Sex Drive: How To Keep Both
Birth Control And Your Sex Drive: How To Keep Both

Itching to ditch your hormonal birth control because it's killing your sex drive? Learn how to keep your libido and your hormonal contraceptive.

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Woman holding birth control pills
Birth Control Pills Explained
WARNING! If you're going to Google birth control pills, get plenty of sleep the night before or make no plans for the foreseeable future. It's a LONG list. Let us make it easier.
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woman carrying boom box
Your Libido Is On Mute! Crank Up The Volume

How to turn up the volume on your sex drive. Ask your doctor if your birth control or antidepressant could use a second look. Learn how mindfulness can help revive your libido.

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photo collage of women
What You Need To Know About Menopause In Your 30s, 40s And Beyond

Women reach menopause around 51, so estrogen levels are steady in your 30s and 40s. Right? WRONG! Estrogen can yo-yo at any age. Learn why and what you can do to prevent or treat conditions is causes.

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Surprised woman with acne on her face
Fighting Adult Acne With Tretinoin (Retin-A)

If you're in the northern hemisphere, you're not doing much sunbathing this winter unless you head south. Take advantage of the sunless winter skies. Use tretinoin, the #1 acne fighting, dark spot lightener and anti-aging skincare product available.

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concept - magnifying glass looking at ovaries
8 Signs You May Have PCOS

One in 10 women has PCOS. Symptoms include infertility, hair loss, and acne. Women with PCOS have 4x the risk of developing Type II diabetes. Learn how to identify the symptoms now!

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