5Strands Blue Green Algae Test

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Don't let beautiful panoramic views of your lake or pond deceive you. Blue-green algae can build up along the shore and beneath the surface. The algae produces bacteria that is toxic to adults, children and pets. It thrives in warm water with sun exposure often during the summer and fall. Use this water test kit to keep your lake and pond water safe and pristine. Find out if the water is safe in 15 minutes with this simple at home test.

How to Use: Fill the sampling container with water.

A chemical reaction will take place which will heat up the container.

Leave the container to stand for 10 minutes, then use the pipette to draw some of the water from the container and place a drop of the water into the aperture in the analysis slide.

The test result will be ready in 5 minutes. Depending on the result, one or two lines will appear in the analysis window.

1 line at C = no blue-green algae toxins detected.

2 lines = blue-green algae toxins detected.

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