5Strands Food Intolerance Test

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Do GI disturbances appear for no reason you can put your finger on? Are you wrongfully blaming "the chef" for your diarrhea, bloating and other unpleasant symptoms? End the "blame game" with this test that identifies non-IgE reactions, caused by intolerances to certain ingredients. Intolerances are difficult to pinpoint because they usually have a delayed onset - anywhere from hours to days. Get tested and stop guessing! Find out if you are sensitive to 600 common food ingredients and additives.

You will receive a comprehensive elimination guideline of food intolerances. The results will show only the items your sample registered an imbalance to upon exposure. That reaction is placed onto a severity scale and provided to you as a level of response your body may be experiencing.

Testing results take 7-10 days after the hair sample is received at the processing center.

This test does not provide testing for IgE or IgG mediated responses (true allergy involving the immune system causing anaphylaxis response.

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