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Sprintec, norgestimate (.025mg) and ethinyl estradiol (.035mg), is FDA-approved as an oral contraceptive and as an acne medication for adults. It may also be prescribed off-label to treat functional uterine bleeding, amenorrhea and for certain hormonal therapies. This combination birth control pill is also sold as Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Mono- Linya, Estarylla, Femynor, Mononessa, Previfem, and TriNessa. 28 pills per pack.

Please note: We cannot provide telemedicine for birth control in SC or LA.

The Combo Birth Control Pill For Reliable Results

Sprintec and the other pills in this group are combination birth control pills because they contain two different hormones. They are also categorized as biphasic because the balance of hormones changes once during the cycle.  

Off-Label Uses For Sprintec

  • Reduce the risk of ovarian, uterine and colon cancer
  • Reduce the risk of developing ovarian cysts
  • Reduce pain during menstruation
  • Help regulate periods
  • Treat functional uterine bleeding, amenorrhea and for certain hormonal therapies.

Speak with your physician about other prescribing information and whether Sprintec is right for you.

To ensure that we provide you with the best price, we may substitute one generic for another.

What Are the Different Types of Combo Birth Control Pills?

  • Monophasic: The potency of each active pill remains the same throughout the cycle.
  • Biphasic: The level of progestin is increased in the pack about halfway through the month.
  • Triphasic: The level of progestin is increased twice in the pack.

Why Do Birth Control Pills Have Non-Active Pills?

Inactive pills are used as "reminder" pills and are included in 28-pill birth control packs. These pills do not contain active ingredients but are taken during the 4th week of the menstrual cycle to keep up the habit of taking a daily pill.

A 28-day pack, also called an everyday birth control pill, contains the 7 placebo pills. The 21-day pack does not. It's as simple as that!

How Do Combo Birth Control Pills Work?

The active ingredients estrogen and progestin prevent both ovulation and the sperm from reaching the egg.

Also, if the first two strategies of preventing pregnancy do not work, there's a last line of defense. For the particularly strong "swimmer" and a very eager egg who do succeed at fertilization, the egg will have a "tough" time attaching to the uterus. How's that? Ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate in the pill prevent the thickening of the uterine lining which is required for the attachment of a fertilized egg.

Although no contraceptive is 100% effective, all birth control pills are most effective when taken at the same time every day. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), birth control pills are 91% effective when taken as recommended.

For a complete list of precautions and warning, refer to the information included with your prescription. Always follow instructions given to you by your doctor and pharmacist.

Some but not all restrictions include: Not recommended for women over age 35 and smoke or who are over age 35 and have smoked recently. Women who are pregnant or have recently given birth should not take the combination pill with ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate.

No contraceptive method is 100% effective. Birth control methods such as having surgery to become sterile or not having sex are more effective than birth control pills. Discuss your options for birth control with your doctor.

Sprintec does not protect against HIV infection or other sexually transmitted diseases. It will not help as emergency contraception, such as after unprotected sexual contact.

Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise, nutritional supplement program, and/or any prescription or OTC product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

Speak with your physician about other prescribing information and whether Sprintec is right for you.

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  • Place all of your qualifying items in your cart. All MintRx prescriptions, including our custom-made medications, are approved for FSA and HSA purchase. Also, use your FSA/HSA debit for qualified over-the-counter items such as at-home lab tests and acne treatments. We've marked each FSA/HSA eligible item with a badge.
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What If I Want To Purchase Items That Are Not FSA/HSA Approved?

If you are also buying non-eligible FSA/HSA items, you are required to make a separate transaction.

What Are FSA and HSA Accounts?

FSA's and HSA's are federal programs that make it easy for you to enjoy significant tax benefits for qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses. Each program works a little differently but with each you avoid federal, state and local income taxes on any funds that you use for qualified medical expenses.

FSA tax benefits are administered by your job. Funds in an amount that you decide —within the program limits—are withdrawn from your paycheck without any payroll tax deductions.

Tax benefits with an HSA may be administered that way but there are also other options.

How Do I Use My FSA/HSA Funds?

You can use a pre-loaded debit card or get reimbursed from your FSA or HSA account after you make your purchase or a combination of both methods.

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