We're an online health care company that provides personalized medical treatments from doctors without you having to leave your home. Our easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant technology saves you the hassle of scheduling a doctor's office visit. No appointments! No waiting rooms!

Choose MintRx and get:

  • Online doctor's visits for just $20
  • Prescriptions valid for 1 year
  • Access to custom-made medications and the lowest prices on generics
  • Fast and free delivery right to your home

Because we're always available to you with the touch of a button, by phone, text or chat, you can always reach our team with questions and concerns. When you're using our custom-compounded medications we can tailor the strength, combination of ingredients and the form of delivery at any time. Creams, capsules, troches and injections and more are available.

Women's bHRT

Listen to your body and don't doubt symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Our doctors are specially trained in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for women. Your personalized treatment program includes an online medical consultation, ongoing lab testing, bioidentical hormones and medication delivered to your home all for just $99/month

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Erectile Dysfunction

Our custom-made prescription ED meds or low-cost generics are available to you online through our private telemedicine technology. For only $20 you'll receive an online doctor's visit and a prescription good for 12 months. We also ship your medication to your door and may change your treatment as your needs change, all without stepping foot in a doctor's office.

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Women's Libido

Women, wake up your sex life at any age! Find out if our exclusive treatments can revive your libido and sexual fulfilment, relieve vaginal dryness and contribute to your overall sexual health and wellness.

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You don't need to just accept troublesome skin conditions and the signs of aging. Our medical team has proven success treating adult acne, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis and other skin problems. We offer exclusive custom-compounded prescription skincare and Obagi Medical Rx.

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Women's Fertility

For only $99, you may resolve your fertility issues or at least gain better insight into the reasons why you are having difficulty getting pregnant. Our treatment is low cost and includes an online doctor visit, testing and medication delivered to your home for free.

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Men's Hair Loss

Let us create a custom hair regrowth product for you. We can make foams, oral medications, gels, shampoos, and more. Also get the lowest prices on FDA-approved hair restoration products like finasteride (generic Propecia.)

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Birth Control

No prescription? No problem. For only $20, our online doctors can review your medical history and give you a 12-month prescription for birth control pills. Pay as little as $26 and get free shipping plus auto refills.

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Active Aging

Optimize your body and mind’s ability to navigate through life’s changes. Let a medical professional determine if peptides and human growth hormone boosters can help retain and restore brain function, fitness, emotional health and overall wellness

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Get help controlling chronic pain with ongoing support and fré, our custom-made prescription pain cream. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, inflammation and nerve pain are just a few of the conditions we can treat online. Our pain management program only uses non-opioid and non-addictive prescription medication.

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If your hemorrhoids are coming and going frequently, chances are they are not healing all of the way. Don’t suffer through insufficient treatments. Our custom-made suppositories heal internal and external hemorrhoids at once within 72 hours.

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Cold Sores / Herpes

We make controlling herpes less stressful and easier to access. Get a fast and private online medical consultation. We offer exclusive custom-made treatments for oral and genital herpes and generic medications.

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