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Hand Sanitizer Spray With Carabiner

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No-mess hand sanitizer comes in a spray bottle with metal carabiner. Use as a key chain or hook onto your jeans, jacket or purse. No spill, spray bottle with cap fits in your pocket, purse or backpack. Size: .17oz/5ml

To allow access to as many customers as possible, we are limiting purchases to two per customer.

How Do I Apply Spray Hand Sanitizer?

  1. Spray front and back of each hand making sure you have enough to rub in and get beneath your nails. 
  2. Rub for about 20 seconds until they are dry.
  3. Do not rub off before it is dry.
  4. Wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you can.

Hand sanitizers may not be effective on hands that are visibly dirty or have oily substances on them.

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