5Strands Metal & Mineral Test

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Find out if heavy metals and minerals have invaded your body tissue with the most comprehensive home testing kit available. Just send in a few strands of hair and receive your results with days. A specialty lab will detect any traces of 50 metals and minerals in the body. If left untreated, heavy metal poisoning can interfere with cellular function and cause dementia, autoimmune disorders, headaches, impaired motor skills, and more. Sources of dangerous metals and minerals include food cans, air, medicine and food.

How to Use: Send in a hair sample.

Expect results within 7-10 days after the hair sample arrives at the processing center.

You will receive an extensive, easy-to-understand report.

The testing will measure the severity of response and toxic burden that occurs when your hair sample is exposed to each metal and mineral tested. It will not provide the specific levels, if any, in your body.

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