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Is your dog's or cat's food causing indigestion, bloating, constipation and more unpleasant symptoms? Use the most comprehensive home test on the market to identify over 1,000 food ingredients that can cause digestive upsets. These reactions, known as intolerances, are delayed by hours and even days, making it difficult to detect the cause. Be proactive so you can make diet changes ASAP!

10-15 strands of dog or cat hair are screened using bioresonance technology.

Provides an extensive, easy-to-understand report within 5 – 7 days after the hair sample arrives at the processing center.

Tests for non-IgE mediated reactions or “intolerances.” This type of reaction may have a delayed onset with symptoms appearing several hours or days after ingestion or exposure and lasting a longer period of time.

This test does not provide testing for IgE or IgG mediated responses (true allergy involving the immune system causing anaphylaxis response.

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