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Do You Have or Need a Prescription?

We're Ready to Help You With Your Skin Care Needs

Legally transferring your existing prescription to Mint Pharmacy and Skin Clinic is easy!

Please contact us at (561) 331-6388, email us at or text (561) 406-9485 and we will direct you to our HIPAA compliant, secure online medical intake form.

Your Destination: The Future of Personal Care

Your skin care journey is as unique as you are. You deserve the best custom tools and personal guidance to let you relax and enjoy the view. At Mint Pharmacy and Skin Clinic, we bring together the high quality of physician-grade products, the expert advice of your personal care team, and a suite of technology-driven services to give you a personalized experience that's no more than a finger-tap away.

The Boutique Pharmacy in Your Pocket


Wherever you go, Mint Pharmacy and Skin Clinic is there with you. All you need is a computer or mobile device to get personalized skin care solutions and products that meet you where you are. We’re a new breed of boutique personal care pharmacy that takes care of all the details so that you can take care of yourself.

Need a prescription-grade product? We’ll send the prescription to our pharmacy to make your purchase quick and easy. Want help creating your skin care regimen? Our expert advice and selection tools match you with your best choices. Have questions about products or services? Our client care team is available to help you choose your products and to smooth the way to their delivery on your doorstep.

Nature, Science, & You: Perfect Traveling Companions

We believe there's no conflict between “natural” and “physician-grade” when it comes to skin care; science and nature are better partners than rivals. Our carefully-curated lines of products are widely recognized by everyone from beauty editors to medical professionals as the best available. They're made with natural ingredients like vitamins, plant extracts, and proteins that keep skin healthy and vibrant—but with the cutting-edge expertise of the lab to make them safe and effective.

The Rx Stands for “Relax”

Self-care shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why we’ve created Mint Pharmacy and Skin Clinic with your peace of mind in mind. When you don’t have to go out of your way to check in on your skin’s changing needs, your current custom regimen is safely stored for easy reference. And because you’re getting personal recommendations for the best new products that match your needs, there's less for you to worry about. We believe that in this stressed-out world, the best prescription we fulfill is for your relaxation.